Insights from Italia GRI 2024

Discover the key takeaways from the premier Italian real estate event in GRI Club’s latest report

June 21, 2024Real Estate
Written by Rory Hickman

"At Italia GRI 2024, we witnessed a confluence of top-tier real estate professionals diving head-first into critical issues and emerging opportunities within Italy's property market.” Gustavo Favaron, CEO & Managing Partner of GRI Club

Now, in GRI Club’s latest report, you can access all of the key takeaways from the premier executive real estate event in the region, where the most senior players in the Italian real estate market delved into Italy's role within the European landscape and the ongoing global polycrisis.

Industry leaders at Italia GRI 2024 highlighted Italy’s economic resilience, bolstered by robust exports, tourism, and investments in construction and machinery, as well as how the stable financial sector and manageable debt ratios continue to attract both local and international investors.

(Credit: GRI Club)

Along with the evolving landscape of the private debt market, the report explores the growing opportunities in mid-market transactions, sustainable pricing, and regional trade under "New Globalisation," positioning Italy as a vital hub between the Mediterranean and Northern Europe.

The real estate sector also demonstrates stability and potential, with unique opportunities in luxury residential properties, sustainable developments, and co-living projects. The rising demand for modern, energy-efficient homes in Milan and Rome, along with the untapped potential in secondary cities, showcases the diverse investment prospects.

Read on to discover more about the battle between BTR and BTS, which alternative assets are on the rise in the country, the top 3 opportunities in Italian real estate, and much more.

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