Exclusive E-book: opportunities in infrastructure and energy in Latin America

Public authorities, banks, investors, and concessionaires will convene in New York in May

April 24, 2024Infrastructure
Written by Henrique Cisman

The global economic landscape is undergoing significant changes, which are influencing the future of industries. According to the World Bank, global growth is forecasted to be 2.4% in 2024, down from 2.6% in 2023. This, combined with global conflicts such as the war in Ukraine or Gaza, as well as crucial electoral moments in both Latin America and the United States where 7 presidents will be elected, reflects a geopolitical landscape that is shaping the trajectory of markets in the coming years. 

In today’s landscape, Latin America is increasingly becoming a focal point in the global market, drawing attention for its resources and unique demographic makeup. The region stands out with its sizable population of skilled young professionals and notable strides in infrastructure expansion. This combination positions Latin America as a highly promising investment destination, offering ample opportunities for growth and development. 

Today, Brazil has infrastructure and energy megaprojects ranging from a free energy market to major railway construction to the use of solar energy. Meanwhile, Mexico is benefiting from phenomena such as nearshoring and is rethinking its energy policy towards decarbonization; and Chile is positioning itself as one of the leaders of the region’s great energy potential by exploring green hydrogen projects. These are just a few examples of what the region represents. 

However, it is also known that Latin America faces various challenges such as corruption, lack of security, and its infrastructure investment gap. This underscores the importance of seeking both political and economic solutions to promote the development of this sector.

GRI Club Infra prepared an e-book that delves into key discussions taking place in Latin America’s infrastructure and energy sectors. It also serves as an invitation to major market players and authorities in these sectors, from both Latin America and the United States, to attend the upcoming Latam GRI Infra and Energy 2024 conference. 

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