93% expect good real estate performance in Chile

The data are from the GRI Barometer survey. Last year, nearly 87% expressed this view.

March 20, 2019Real Estate

Impressive 93.55% of the real estate leaders working in Chile who the GRI Club listened to in early 2019 believe that the sector’s performance in the country will be good or excellent in the near future. The statistic is part of the GRI Barometer survey and shows increased optimism compared to last year, when the group of those expressing this opinion was 86.96%.

The expectation about the companies that these executives run is also very positive: 84.38% expect results to improve within the next 12 months. 

Based on this perspective, 74.19% of the players consulted by the GRI Club report that their companies are currently investing in and/or expanding business locally, practically the same as in 2018 (73.91%). The preferred real estate segments in the present scenario are residential, land development, and warehouses. 

As for the Chilean economy as a whole, optimism is more restrained. In all, 48.39% believe in enhancement of the GDP, half of those who had this view in 2018. 

The GRI Barometer periodically captures the mood of the real estate market leaders in various parts of the world. For this survey, the GRI Club listened to 256 players working in Latin America during February, 32 of whom specifically active in Chile. Last year, the GRI Barometer data were released in a GRI Magazine story that also emphasized that good results were expected for the real estate business in Chile.

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