"ESG & technology: the end user makes the difference", says Cédric Dujardin

BlackRock’s Cédric Dujardin shares perspectives on 2024 and the role of ESG in the real estate market

October 3, 2023Real Estate
Written by Helen Richards

Head of France, Italy & Belgium at BlackRock, Cédric Dujardin spoke with Gustavo Favaron, CEO & Managing Partner of GRI Club, at this year’s Europe GRI 2023, and compared the challenging “new market” with the “old market” of pre 2007.

Cédric presented a positive outlook for 2024, referring to the funds that BlackRock has to deploy, and the expected activity that is to come in the real estate market. Movement is a good thing, he reminds us, even in real estate.

Conversation revolved a lot around ESG and technology within the real estate market, and Cédric commented on the interesting difference between Europe and the US in this respect. He explained that the BlackRock real estate team in Europe is greatly involved in reducing both the carbon footprint and energy consumption of assets, however to reduce these figures, you must first track the data - something BlackRock is also very involved in.

Cédric highlighted the protagonist role that the end user plays in this process. He reminds us that the tenants and end users are those that walk in the assets, turn the lights on and off, and use the water to wash their hands. Technology can help by tracking the data, and sensibilising these end users to optimise their consumption. 

Cédric will be sharing more insights at the upcoming GRI Club meeting Reconversion d’actifs immobiliers obsolètes on October 19 in Paris. Read more here.

Watch the full interview with Cédric Dujardin here: