“Follow larger trends, and not the micro-trend”, says Gautier Beurnier (CBRE)

The importance of forward thinking during real estate’s “perfect storm”

September 25, 2023Real Estate
Written by Helen Richards

CBRE’s Gautier Beurnier opens his interview describing the “perfect storm” that the real estate industry is currently living through. As he explains, this storm consists of the fastest rise in interest rates in history, an ESG revolution, and a transformation in the usage of real estate.

Gautier Beurnier, President & Head of Investments France for CBRE, spoke to Gustavo Favaron, CEO & Managing Partner of GRI Club, during this year’s Europe GRI 2023. Gautier’s sentiment mirrored that of many other investors at the event - one of caution - and he revealed that CBRE are, to some extent, pausing and reflecting during this turbulent period.

He recounted the recent complexities in the Office sector as an example of how trends can change so drastically. Three years ago, working from home was a secondary subject, it then became the norm during the COVID pandemic, and there are now signs of office culture creeping back.

As Gautier explains, we need to predict the constraints and usage of real estate of the future. This also reflects in ESG legislation. There is an inundation of regulations which are losing sight of the ultimate goal. Investors must think beyond this, and not simply please the instantaneous. 

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Watch the full interview with Gautier Beurnier here: