GRI Global Chairmen’s Retreat 2024

Exclusive access to key takeaways from GRI Club’s most senior annual forum with the world’s leading real estate decision-makers

January 29, 2024Real Estate
Written by Helen Richards

GRI Club kicked off 2024 with the annual gathering of the most senior members in the real estate industry at the GRI Global Chairmen’s Retreat 2024.

The four-day event opened with a series of voting to gauge sentiment on key market matters, and continued with plenary sessions and breakout discussions on everything from debt funds and inflation, to AI and alternative asset classes.

There are few things which impact real estate lenders and investors as much as interest rates, nevertheless polls during the event revealed that the issue keeping real estate players up at night is Taiwan, Middle East, Ukraine, and the growing mutual hostility between big nations.

The retreat also welcomed keynote speaker, John Tasioulas, Director of the Institute for Ethics in A, University of Oxford, to present the reality of artificial intelligence, not just in the real estate market but in a wider context, and Ian Williams, Journalist and Author, to debate the real threat posed by China and a potential invasion of Taiwan.

This GRI report presents the key takeaways from all speakers and plenary sessions, as well as the breakout discussions. 

Read the full report here.