Ibero-American Real Estate Investment 2024 - GRI Report

Expert analysis of cross-border capital flows and opportunities for investment between Spain & Portugal with Latin America

June 5, 2024Real Estate
Written by Rory Hickman

GRI Club’s ‘Ibero-American Real Estate Investment 2024’ report provides a comprehensive analysis of why Latin American investors are increasingly targeting Spain and Portugal at the same time as European players are drawn to opportunities in Latam.

The report highlights key takeaways from the recent Ibero-American GRI 2024 event in Madrid, where industry leaders discussed the growing strategic convergence of real estate investments in these regions. Read the full report here.

Why Iberia?

Spain and Portugal, having weathered recent economic challenges better than many European neighbours, are seen as attractive real estate investment destinations due to their resilient markets, significant supply-demand imbalances, and favourable fundamentals across various sectors, with Portugal's strong export sector and low tax burden and Spain's anticipated economic recovery and robust consumption driving investor optimism.

Why Latin America?

At the same time, Latin America offers an increasing array of diverse real estate investment opportunities, especially in infrastructure, healthcare, hospitality, and retail, necessitating thorough research and local partnerships to capitalise on robust growth potential. Long-term prospects are being driven by natural resources, a growing middle class, and infrastructure demands, alongside improved access to capital and debt financing, particularly in Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, and Guatemala.

Industry leaders delved into the economic outlook, market dynamics, and sector-specific opportunities and challenges in various Latin American countries, highlighting the significance of local expertise and strategic partnerships in navigating political uncertainties and economic challenges

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