Mood to invest in real estate in Colombia improves

74% of the executives the GRI Club listened to say their companies are investing, 9 pp more than in 2018.

March 20, 2019Real Estate

Three-quarters of the real estate leaders in Colombia say their companies are currently investing in and/or expanding business locally. This is an increase of almost 9 percentage points year-on-year. The data are from the newly released GRI Barometer.

The segments rated as most attractive are residential, offices, and shopping & retail. Then come warehouses.

The share of those who believe their companies will have good or excellent results in the next 12 months is practically the same (76.74%), and this helps to understand this willingness to invest. However, in this regard, there was a decrease of approximately 5 percentage points compared with 2018, reflected in a growth in the share of those expecting regular figures (23.26% in 2019, up from 18.42% in 2018).

Positive sentiment

When questioned about the performance of the real estate industry as a whole in the country, optimism is a little more contained, but most still believe it will do well. More than 67% predict a favorable performance in the year ahead, practically repeating the 2018 statistics (68.42%).

There is also a positive feeling with regard to the economy, with 53.49% believing in improvement (versus 69.23% in 2018) and 44.19% stating the current performance will be maintained. Only 2.33% think that there may be a worsening.

The GRI Barometer periodically captures the mood of the real estate market leaders in various parts of the world. For this survey, the GRI Club listened to 256 players operating in Latin America during February, 44 of whom specifically active in Colombia. Last year, the GRI Barometer data were the base for a GRI Magazine story that pictured the executives’ expectation for progress in the economy and for a growth of the real estate industry in Colombia.

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