“Portugal expected to have highest GDP growth”, says Pedro Coelho (Square AM)

CEO of Portugal’s leading asset manager, Square AM, gives perspectives on the current Portuguese real estate market

September 29, 2023Real Estate
Written by Helen Richards

Following panel discussions with hundreds of other European and global investors at the recent Europe GRI 2023, Pedro Coelho, CEO of Square AM, sat down with Gustavo Favaron, CEO & Managing Partner of GRI Club, and expressed his favourable outlook on real estate investment in Iberia.

Square Asset Management is the leading regulated asset manager in Portugal, with 1.8 billion EUR of AUM in Portugal, and more recently 100 million EUR in Spain.

The allure of Portugal and Spain at present, Pedro explains, is the macroeconomic sphere. Contrary to the past, both countries are expected to have the highest levels of GDP growth this year in Europe (disregarding Ireland), as well as experiencing lower rates of inflation in comparison to Central and Eastern Europe. 

These unlikely trends can be attributed partly to the Russo-Ukrainian war which is discouraging foreign investors away from Central and Eastern Europe, and towards opportunities in Iberia.

Of course, challenges exist in balancing the supply and demand, especially in the residential sector as Portugal experiences a significant lack of housing in a country with little offer of land, but it seems little could dampen Pedro’s spirits as he referred to the bright future for the young generation of Portugal.

Watch the full interview with Pedro Coelho below.

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