“Real estate is more operational and data-driven”, says Valentina Shegoyan

Valentina Shegoyan, REACH UK - Second Century Ventures, discusses new and future technologies revolutionising real estate

October 11, 2023Real Estate
Written by Helen Richards

Real estate is becoming more operational and customer centric, Valentina Shegoyan, Managing Partner of REACH UK - Second Century Ventures, reported at Europe GRI 2023 this year during an exclusive interview with Kirsty Stevens, Partner at GRI Club.

REACH UK - Second Century Ventures currently holds an investment portfolio of 25 companies in the UK, each contributing to the evolution of the real estate industry, often through the use of data - a crucial tool in the increasingly operational real estate industry. 

The companies boast a range of innovative solutions providing means to collect, process, and translate data into manageable and actionable insights for property managers, real estate owners and portfolio strategists. The real estate industry historically operated on “gut feelings”, Valentina asserted, whereas it is now an industry of data-driven decisions.

As a senior woman in the real estate industry, Valentina also gave her thoughts on the new GRI Women 50/50 Initiative, highlighting its importance in an industry which has a severe lack of senior female role models. The initiative aims to increase representation of women in senior spaces by offering a 50% discount in membership fees to new, senior, female club members. Find out more here.

Watch the full interview with Valentina Shegoyan here: