"Repricing has started, we have to be ready to invest" says Jean-Philippe Küss

Trustone Founder and CEO, Jean-Philippe Küss, shares experiences and perspectives on the real estate market

September 26, 2023Real Estate
Written by Helen Richards

Jean-Philippe Küss is Founder and CEO of Trustone, a hybrid company representing the real estate investments of one of the wealthiest families in France, while also managing their own investment fund for value-add deals, and other investment funds abroad, including for Global Gate and Starwood.

During his interview with Gustavo Favaron, CEO & Managing Partner of GRI Club, Jean-Philippe stressed the importance of tailor-made investments due to the unstable real estate market of today. Although repricing has started, not every asset is at the same level of repricing, making thorough and specific investment analysis essential for each asset type.

Regarding mistakes in real estate, Jean-Philippe reports seeing the same mistake repeated every market cycle: a lack of conviction. He describes often “looking behind” him during a deal, and feeling concerned that he is “alone”. Nevertheless, as an investor you must have conviction.

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