Residential and logistics will be attractive assets

Panel at GRI Europe 2022 discussed foreign investments into Italy and the main market trends

September 26, 2022Real Estate
Last week was the GRI Europe at Paris, with more de 500 real estate European leaders discussing the present and future of this sector. One panel, "Foreign direct investments into Italy", brought Fabrizio Lauro, Managing Director of Kroll Real Estate Transaction Advisory Services, as co-chair.

In his considerations, he commented on Italy’s resilience during the pandemic and after, as the economy is at a volatile point around the world:

“Although the international macro-economic scenario is dominated by strong uncertainty, investors’ consensus is that Italy has shown greater resilience than other countries.

In our country, there was a more contained repricing of real estate assets than in other markets, where instead the gap between demand and supply seems to have been more marked. In this context, there will likely be a gradual shift from core operations towards more opportunistic and selective transactions.”

Another important point brought into the conversation was ESG and the new policies for the real estate sector in European countries. 

“The debate with the operators attending the event also revealed how ESG policies are becoming, also in the real estate sector, a new ‘must’ and will be supported, in their development and application, by central governments.”

He also pointed out what will be the trend assets for the months to come, one being logistics, something that has been pointed out by other GRI members.

In the uncertain current scenario, residential and logistics sectors are confirmed to be the most attractive asset classes, while hospitality shows signs of recovery after the difficulties shown during the pandemic period and is expected to strongly grow in the coming years.”

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Written by Gabriela Colicigno