The Brazilian real estate market is a highlight in Latam

GRI Barometer: Brazil is one of the countries in the region that arouses the most optimism among real estate players.

March 20, 2019Real Estate

Brazil is now one of the Latin American countries that arouses the most optimism among businessmen, executives and real estate investors, reveals the newly released GRI Barometer survey.

Between Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru, Brazil is the country where real estate leaders have the greatest expectations when it comes to economic growth. More than 90% of the players operating in the country who GRI Club listened to imagine that there will be a significant enhancement of the national GDP in the next 12 months. This does not surpass 55% for the other locations of the region that were studied.

Brazil is also well regarded when it comes to the results of the the real estate companies and to the performance of the local real estate market. When asked, more than 81% of the players with a presence in the country say they count on good or excellent results for their companies in the near future, and 77.14% indicate that they expect the local market to do well. These proportions are only higher in Chile (84.38% and 93.55%, respectively).

Appetite for investments

The willingness to invest in Brazil is also one of the highest in Latin America (69.92% report that their companies are currently investing in and/or expanding business locally). Only Colombia and Chile have higher proportions in this aspect (74.42% and 74.19%, respectively).

Currently, the preferred segments for real estate investments in Brazil are residential, land development, and offices.

The GRI Barometer periodically captures the mood of the real estate market leaders in various parts of the world. The GRI Club Real Estate Barometer has been calculated since 2015 in Brazil, and is carried out quarterly. Its latest edition had been announced in the beginning of last February, emphasizing the positive effects the beginning of the Bolsonaro administration had for the real estate business.

This survey presented now, meanwhile, is a special annual edition, combined with simultaneous surveys carried out in several other Latin American countries, in tune with Latin America GRI. This year, for this survey, the GRI Club listened to 256 players working in Latin America during February, 146 of whom specifically active in Brazil. In 2018, the highlight of the special round of the survey, as published by GRI Magazine, was the industry’s reinvigorated mood in the country after tough years. 

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Latin America GRI 2019

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