"There is optimism for renewed activity next year", says Tal Lev Ari (CIM Group)

Tal Lev Ari discusses transaction activity in current real estate and perspectives on the near future

September 28, 2023Real Estate
Written by Helen Richards

Tal Lev Ari, Managing Director of CIM Group, joined Europe GRI 2023 this year, moderating on the Dry Powder panel. In her interview with Kirsty Stevens, Partner of GRI Club, Tal referred to the very low transaction volume seen over the past months, attributing it to the uncertainty around rising interest rates and ongoing price discovery.

Tal describes a “waiting game”, in which sponsors are adapting to higher interest rates, which should soon narrow the gap between the bid-ask, and consequently bring more transaction activity.

Regarding asset classes, CIM Group has been actively supporting sponsors in the logistics and hospitality sectors especially, while also regarding opportunities in the residential market, due to strong supply and demand fundamentals, and more noticeable repricing.

Based predominantly in the US, earlier this year CIM Group announced the expansion of their $10 billion Real Estate Debt Solutions platform into Europe. On comparing the US and Europe markets, despite similarities in asset class opportunities, Tal explains the presence of factors in the US which aren’t applicable in Europe, and the importance of “looking at Europe as Europe”, with its own fundamentals.

As a senior woman leading real estate, Tal also commented on the newly launched GRI Women 50/50 Initiative, describing it as a great initiative to encourage the female workforce to join GRI club. The GRI Women 50/50 Initiative offers 50% reduction in fees for new senior female members. Read more here.

Watch the full interview with Tal Lev Ari here: