“This is one of the best moments to invest”, says Valeria Falcone (Barings)

Head of Value Add Investing Europe at Barings, Valeria Falcone explains today’s opportune moment for real estate investment

October 16, 2023Real Estate
Written by Helen Richards

During Europe GRI 2023 Valeria Falcone, Head of Value Add Investing Europe for Barings Real Estate, joined Kirsty Stevens, Partner at GRI Club, for an exclusive interview, expressing utmost optimism regarding the outlook for investment at present, and reporting that it is currently one of the best times to invest. 

Valeria reported that after 15 months of very low transaction volume they now have a strong pipeline and believe it is time to get back into the market.  As a value add player, the new wave of tenant needs is adding value to the equation for Barings. Tenants are increasingly demanding higher quality, and assets designed around sustainability, net zero and well-being. This combined with a current decrease of prices has provided an opportune moment for investment.

As a senior woman in real estate, Valeria also offered her in-depth analysis of the representation of women in the sphere, stating that the numbers speak for themselves; there simply aren’t enough women in senior roles within the industry.

At the GRI Women’s Committee Club Meeting held the morning prior to Europe GRI 2023, consensus was a sentiment of underrepresentation, and that the presence of initiatives such as GRI Women 50/50 are crucial for bringing women into the space and diversifying the conversation and industry.

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Watch the full interview with Valeria Falcone here: