"We're developing a way to build with almost zero waste", says Daniel Katz

Daniel Katz presents Cosmos 3D’s innovative solution reducing waste and increasing efficiency in construction for real estate

October 9, 2023Real Estate
Written by Helen Richards

During Europe GRI 2023, Daniel Katz from Cosmos 3D spoke with Gustavo Favaron, CEO & Managing Partner of GRI Club, to discuss the innovative technology that is ready to revolutionise construction in the real estate market.

Cosmos 3D has created a solution to drastically reduce waste during construction of real estate. While regular construction typically creates 25-30% waste, the software and machine created by Cosmos 3D reduces this waste to almost zero. This is possible due to its impeccable precision and absence of human error.

Other benefits include the speed at which the machine can produce buildings, with the potential to build a 50 square metre house in just 20 hours, resulting in an estimated 120 houses per year with just one machine and two employees.

Daniel explained that the solution is currently being launched in Spain, and soon to be available further afield in Europe, with plans to eventually serve the construction industry worldwide.

Watch the full interview with Daniel Katz below.

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