GRI Club Infra and Chinese TPC-CCPIT establish partnership

Pedro Nicolau (GRI Club) and Junfeng Lou (TPC-CCPIT) signed a bilateral memorandum of understanding on Thursday.

April 11, 2019Infrastructure
GRI Club Infra and the Chinese International Trade Promotion Council (TPC-CCPIT) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) Thursday (April 11) in Beijing. Among other objectives, “the agreement sets the parties’ commitment to generate new opportunities and investments between Latin America and China,” said Pedro Nicolau, global head of the GRI Club for the infrastructure sector, after signing.

“As GRI Club Infra, we play an important role of driving and promoting fruitful relationships among the leaderships that operate in the Latin American and Chinese infrastructure sector. Therefore, this memorandum confirms our commitment to the development of opportunities and potential business between the American and Asian continents,” noted Nicholas, who traveled to the Chinese capital to sign the MOU with CCPIT.

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Junfeng Lou (TPC-CCPIT) and Pedro Nicolau (GRI Club) | Picture: CCPIT

Speaking to GRI Hub, Junfeng Lou, director general of TPC-CCPIT, who represented the Chinese body in signing the document, also reiterated the importance of the association. “TPC-CCPIT is delighted to reach this MOU with GRI, as we are aware of the club’s reputation in the infrastructure industry. Likewise, TPC, as a direct subsidiary of CCPIT, has earned its own place and both national and international recognition, offering high quality services to domestic and international companies as well as to the public and private sectors,” said Lou.

“TPC is committed to making positive contributions to guide Chinese enterprises in 'going out' and promoting investment cooperation between China and Latin America. The signing of this memorandum of understanding between our two organizations today symbolizes a partnership that we believe will lead to greater cooperation and communication between the parties. More importantly, through information sharing mechanisms and a business consultation and dialog platform, TPC and GRI come together to provide higher quality services to their members,” he added.

Among other things, the partnership recognizes the shared commitment to create more trade and investment opportunities for both companies at the domestic and regional levels. Based on equality and mutual benefit, the parties undertake to build a business consulting platform, dialog and coordination mechanisms, promoting the deepening of business relationships between the two nations.

The MOU also aims to boost engagement among infrastructure companies and public entities in joint activities such as conferences, meetings, and events. The instrument, effective as of Thursday, is valid for a year.

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