Investors set to face a "year of sacrifice" in 2023

Inflation must be controlled to unlock investment

March 9, 2023Real Estate
GRI Club Real Estate Latam kicked-off a series of events that will be held in 2023 to connect players in the Latin American real estate market and enable them to build lasting relationships aimed at advancing the sector. To open the agenda, an online meeting took place on February 1st, providing political and economic perspectives for Latin America over the next two years - based on the projections of Munir Jalil, Head of Economic Research for the Andean Region at BTG Pactual

Jalil led the conversation with more than 120 real estate market decision makers, all interested in understanding the direction of the region’s economy after high inflationary levels and, consequently, constant interest rate hikes. Under the discourse of a “year of sacrifice” for the Latin American territory, the executive notes that it will be necessary to control inflation to obtain better growth dynamics from 2024.
Discussions around topics such as economic performance in developed regions and their impact on emerging countries, the way inflation has been behaving and the resulting monetary policy response in Latin America, as well as the political uncertainties in the region’s countries have all led to this conclusion.

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Written by Paulo Alfaro and Rory Hickman