Real estate leaders predict good results in Mexico

68% of those surveyed by the GRI Barometer say their companies will perform well in the next 12 months.

March 20, 2019Real Estate

The majority (68.12%) of entrepreneurs, executives, and real estate investors operating in Mexico believe that their companies will have good or excellent results in the next 12 months, while only 5.80% expect them to be bad. The remaining 26.09% expect regular figures. This is one of the findings of the newly released GRI Barometer survey.

Driven by this perspective, most companies are investing in and/or expanding business locally. Almost 60% of those the GRI Club surveyed reported that their organizations have adopted this stance in the face of the current scenario. This is a very significant share, but 17 percentage points below that seen in the last survey, carried out in the first half of 2018.

In the ranking of preferred real estate segments to invest in in Mexico, residential is at the top. Hotels, warehouses, shopping & retail, offices, and land subdivisions complete the list in decreasing order of attractiveness.

More challenging economic scenario

When it comes to the Mexican real estate market as a whole, the majority (50.72%) believe they will have a regular performance in the year ahead. Another 39.13% expect progress, while 10.14% believe in a worsening. 

The scenario is more challenging for the economy, though. The share of real estate leaders who fear a slip in performance has more than doubled from 2018, to 43.48%. Slightly more than 39% believe performance will be similar to the previous 12 months’ (down almost 26 percentage points compared with 2018), and 17.39% expect growth (compared to 15% last year).

The GRI Barometer periodically captures the mood of the real estate market leaders in various parts of the world. For this survey, the GRI Club listened to 256 players operating in Latin America during February, 70 of whom specifically active in Mexico. Last year, the data, which were more positive, were cited in a GRI Magazine story that pictured a scenario where the expectation was that the industry would face the Mexican electoral and change in command period well.

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